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Social Awareness Projects

Every year Lions Club of Thane North along with Thane Traffic Polics and other local municipal authorities conduct various public awareness campaigns and projects. Every year members from Lions Club of Thane North and officers from Thane Traffic Police jion hands to educate the public and spread awareness about Road Safety, Traffice Rules, No Honking Drives, etc.

Some of our well appreciated and widespread activities done in the past are:

  1. Gaadi Bandh – street signage and display conducted at Teen Hath Naka Signal
  2. Don’t Be Horny – in association with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM installed hoardings, signages arcoss Thane City to spread awareness of ill effects of Honking on health of humans, plant life and pets.
  3. Road Safety Awareness Drive 2016 – Participating in Bike Rally and installing signages across Thane City to spread awareness among public about proper driving, safety on roads, no honking, not to cummute in over crowded rickshaws, and more.